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Sand Effect

Sand effect, generally used in furniture, products, hardness and scratch resistance is good.

Thermosetting powder coating refers to the use of thermosetting resin as a film-forming substance, and the curing agent for cross-linking reaction can be heated to form an insoluble and infusible hard coating. No matter how high the temperature is, the coating will not soften like a thermoplastic coating, but can only decompose.

Since the resin used in thermosetting powder coatings is a prepolymer with a lower degree of polymerization and a lower molecular weight, the coating has better leveling properties and better decoration. Moreover, after the low molecular weight prepolymer is cured, It can form network cross-linked macromolecules, so the coating has better anti-corrosion and mechanical properties. Therefore, the development of thermosetting powder coatings is particularly rapid.

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