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Powder coatings is now being widely used on a range of Furniture applications. Wintoly powder coatings aims at providing color, aesthetic and high-performance for a long time. Now there is even more environmental protection interests to reduce carbon footprints while bringing down the cost. This makes selecting Wintoly an even a smater choice for the powder coating market.

We touch different types of furnitures every day every second, so, for you and your kids, the powder coatings you choose must conform to demanding performance and safty criteria for furniture articles.

We strictly control all raw materials and additives to ensure that our products meet the EU's lead-free green non-toxic and other safety requirements. We also conducted a series of test reports at SGS and REACH laboratories to protect customers' needs.

We have also developed a dedicated range of powder products for the furniture industry which have specific performance attributes.  Including superior scratch resistance, outstanding levels of exterior durability and easy to clean coatings.

Wintoly offers different finishes that are in fashion. It offers a bold and vibrant color palette in gloss, matt and textured finishes to meet the latest fashion trends. 

Revitalize your vehicle with the cutting-edge Wintoly Furniture Powder Coating Solution. Designed to deliver unparalleled protection and a stunning finish.

Wintoly powder coatings are used on the following furniture articles


Wintoly Technical Advantages

At Wintoly, we support customers in many industries. With a robust and highly scalable solution, as a leading powder coating manufacturer in China, we are ready to put projects into practice. Contact us today for a free quote on your project.

Benefits of Wintoly Furniture Powder Coating:

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