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November 13,2021

Thermosetting powders are generally used as protective coatings on metal surfaces. They are used in household appliances, different types of transportation tools (buses, automobiles, ships, etc.), pipelines and other industries to achieve anti-corrosion and decoration. In short, all need to pay special attention to anti-corrosion metal surface, and it can be sprayed with thermosetting powder.


Metallic thermoset powder coating can show a bright and luxurious decoration effect, which is extremely suitable for the spraying of furniture, accessories, and other indoor and outdoor objects. For example, the golden curtain walls in the hotel lobby or the gilded parts of the statues seen in the square.


OEM metallic thermoset powder coating


Features of metal powder coatings

Reduce environmental pollution

No organic solvents, water and other volatile solvents are used, so the powder coating is an inorganic solvent-based coating, which greatly reduces the potential safety hazards caused by solvents. Powder coating is a 100% solid powder coating, which can be fully automatically sprayed. The utilization rate of metal powder coatings can reach almost 100%, which enables the coating industry to reduce waste disposal and at the same time minimizes the degree of environmental pollution.


Excellent coating performance

The coating film has a metallic luster, has a splendid multi-color effect and a raised maintenance function, providing a splendid and colorful appearance decoration for high-end industrial products such as home appliances, instruments and meters. As long as the powder coating is directly sprayed on iron or aluminum materials that have been properly pre-treated, the surface of the coating film with excellent performance can be obtained after baking, such as the durability of the coating film, including: friction resistance, impact resistance. Adhesion, toughness, corrosion resistance and chemical resistance. In addition to the above-mentioned advantages, the powder coating used also contains high weather resistance and pollution resistance.


Benefits of metallic thermoset powder coating

①The film thickness of powder coating sprayed on the metal surface is thinner, which is reduced by half compared with the original thickness, saving about 50% of the powder raw materials.


② Effectively increase the adhesion of the secondary spray (paint) layer, strengthen the hardness and improve the wear resistance.


③The visual effect of leveling and the appearance of uneven patterns are good.


In the current metal door processing industry, the process formula of thermosetting powder coatings for door surface coating is more complicated and difficult to produce. In particular, the thicker coating affects the surface effect and adhesion after the second painting. Because the metal door surface treatment is to spray the bottom layer with powder coating first, and then spray the paint on this basis, this requires that the powder coating used in the bottom layer should not affect the surface effect and adhesion of the secondary spray (paint).


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