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November 13,2021

What material is MDF

MDF represents channel density fiberboard. Medium quality fiberboard is made from vegetation thread, administered along with urea-formaldehyde resin or other synthetic resin, as well as pushed under heating system as well as constraining disorders. The thickness is in the range of 0.50 ~ 0.88 g/cm3., You can likewise incorporate various other suitable ingredients to strengthen the characteristics of the panel.


customized OEM mdf powder coating

customized OEM mdf powder coating 


Advantages of MDF powder coatings

  • No water consumption in the production process
  • The remaining powder coating in the production process can be recycled
  • High-strength protective layer, not only high scratch resistance, high wear resistance, but also high moisture resistance
  • The shape, color and surface texture of MDF create unlimited space for the design
  • No volatile organics, formaldehyde, thinner, stupid and heavy metals. The enclosed powder package greatly reduces the residual formaldehyde emission in the medium density fiberboard, and the bacteria are not easy to grow
  • The medium density fiberboard is sterilized at a high temperature of 250 ℃, and at the same time, it can effectively remove the formaldehyde in the board and meet the EO environmental protection standard
  • The baking temperature of MDF powder coating is 120℃. Compared with the baking temperature of 200℃ for conventional powder, the baking temperature is greatly reduced, which effectively saves energy and reduces emissions, and provides a more comfortable working environment for workshop staff.


Subdivision application of MDF powder-coated furniture

Children's furniture, medical furniture

MDF powder spraying technology, using electrostatic MDF low temperature powder coating powder sprayed furniture, has a certain chemical resistance test, antibacterial test, can be applied to laboratory furniture, children's furniture and medical/medical furniture;


Office furniture and educational furniture

After the low-temperature powder coating is cured, it will completely wrap the wood board at 360 degrees. The coating has certain durability, abrasion resistance and scratch resistance. It has a variety of surface colors and effects to choose from. It is widely used in the surface spraying of office furniture and school education furniture.


Kitchen and bathroom furniture

Electrostatic powder-coated furniture also gets rid of the disadvantages of MDF, which is not water-resistant and moisture-proof. The MDFpowder-coated furniture sprayed by the MDF powder spraying process has good moisture resistance, water resistance, and mildew resistance. And excellent chemical resistance. Among them, the waterproof and moisture-proof performance is better than other coatings used in wood, and it is a breakthrough application product for kitchen and bathroom furniture.


Electrospray MDF powder coating

MDF spraying electrostatic powder also means that the workpiece enters the powder room through the conveyor chain. The inside of the powder room is different from hardware and metal spraying. There will be related equipment to enhance the conductive field, so that the low-temperature powder coating can be uniformly absorbed on the MDF board. The principle of painting is that the electrostatic generator generates an electric field. Propelled by the electric field, the powder coating relies on electrostatic adsorption on the surface of the board to form a uniform coating;


MDF medium-density fiberboard can be utilized in industries where it was originally used. MDF low-temperature grain coatings and also MDFpowder-coated furnishings are actually the boon of door home furniture and also customized residence supplying industries. Currently, lots of primary home supplying companies are actually additionally strongly cultivating MDF electrostatic splashing.


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