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November 13,2021

As the environment continues to deteriorate, we are paying more and more attention to protecting the environment. We started to use environmentally friendly products, whether in daily life or in buildings. Epoxy powder appeared, it can meet our basic needs. How much do you know about it? As a customized OEM epoxy powder manufacturer, exporter, factory, we will introduce it to you.


epoxy powder


What is epoxy powder?


Epoxy powder is a thermosetting, non-toxic coating that forms a high molecular weight cross-linked coating after curing. It has excellent chemical corrosion resistance and high mechanical properties, especially the best abrasion resistance and adhesion. The coating is 100% solid, solvent-free, pollution-free, and the powder utilization rate can reach more than 95%. It is a high-quality anticorrosive coating for buried steel pipelines.


The role of epoxy powder


The three-layer PE process, which is formed by epoxy powder coating primer polyethylene PE and adhesive winding or coating, is a steel pipeline anticorrosion process commonly used at home and abroad. Pipeline anti-corrosion technology used for gas and water supply.


Features of epoxy powder


Epoxy powder anticorrosive steel pipe curing agents mainly include diamines, diamine derivatives, acid anhydrides, imidazoles, cyclic ethers, phenolic resin polyester resins, and amine complexes. In various industry, diamines, imidazoles and cyclic ethers are generally used.


The characteristics of epoxy powder coating are as follows:


①Epoxy powder coating has strong adhesion, especially to metals;


②The paint film of epoxy powder coating has good mechanical properties, high hardness, scratch resistance and corrosion resistance;


③Epoxy powder coating has low melt viscosity, good leveling, and basically no defects such as shrinkage and shrinkage in the coating film;


④Epoxy powder coating has a wide variety of colors, and can be formulated with matte, shiny, pattern, hammer, etc.;


⑤Epoxy powder coating can be coated with a film thickness of 50-300μm at one time, and the uncoated powder can be recycled;


⑥The coating equipment of epoxy powder coating requires high requirements, requiring complex and precise equipment.


The epoxy powder has strong adhesion, and there is good adhesion between the paint film and the paint film. It has excellent anti-rust and water resistance, and the use of excellent anti-rust raw materials can ensure its anti-rust performance. It has good mechanical strength, tough paint film, abrasion resistance and impact resistance. The solid content is high and the coating film is thicker.


Application of epoxy powder


The main classifications of epoxy powder coatings are as follows:


🔹Insulation powder coatings are required to be mainly insulating, followed by decoration. But it must have excellent heat resistance, physical and mechanical properties and flexibility. Suitable for coating electronic components, electrical accessories and motor rotors;


🔹Powder coatings for heavy-duty anti-corrosion use mainly anti-corrosion performance, but must have excellent anti-corrosion, impact strength and flexibility. Mainly suitable for petrochemical pipelines, storage tanks, metal structures and ship fittings, etc.


🔹For decorative powder coatings, the coating film must have a good appearance, and the coating film should not turn yellow during curing and baking, and has good physical properties. Some varieties have good weather resistance. It is suitable for household appliances, meters, cooking utensils, lamps, display racks and auto parts.


🔹Powder coatings for construction require both decoration and weather resistance, and good physical and mechanical properties. It is suitable for building doors and windows, door locks, metal structures and pipe fittings, engineering equipment and other outdoor facilities.