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November 13,2021

Someone may ask why the wire rack need to be painted. First of all, in order to decorate the lamppost, spray paint can make the lamppost has a bright appearance, rich in color, with light and color retention. And this is the reason why there is a market for wire rack powder coating.


Wire rack powder coating


How to paint wire rack with powder coating?


Today, there are more and more solar lamps. How to make the solar lamp post both beautiful and durable, the production process has strict requirements, spray painting is also a very important link. The new polished rods are processed by hot dip zinc, burr polished, sprayed and coated with anti-stick paint. Both new lampposts can be painted, and old lampposts can be refurbished, often used to repair old lampposts that have been used for many years


The benefits of wire rack powder coating?


Lampposts endure wind, frost, rain, sun, sand, dust and smoke. Painting helps protect lampposts from weather damage and rust. Anti-corrosion and rust prevention effect is very large. Another feature that many people don't know about is preventing small ads. So when choosing lamp post paint, you must be very careful about the parameters of wire rack powder coating.


How to choose quality wire rack powder coating?


Since the use of spray paint is now very wide, so that the quality of spray paint is uneven, so how to judge the quality of spray paint? Spray rate of spray paint is a very important index, spray rate directly represents the technical level of spray paint manufacturers, spray rate directly affects whether spray paint can be finished, spray effect, spray area and so on. Ordinary consumers can not accurately judge the ejection rate, but they can roughly judge from some details. The smaller the glass beads inside the paint, the cleaner they can be sprayed, and the higher the ejection rate.




Before self-painting, shake the bottle repeatedly so that the acrylic inside the self-painting is fully stirred. In the process of self-painting to keep a distance of about 20 cm, the distance is too close to produce bubbles and accumulation, the distance is too far will cause the waste of self-painting amount. Pay attention to dust, dust and other pollution in spraying, small insects often bring trouble. Pay attention to the ambient temperature and humidity, and prevent insolation, low temperature, and dryness. In the use of self-spray paint, pay attention to each spraying after a few minutes and then spray, repeated several times.


How to clean powder paint?


In the use of spray paint accidentally spraying error or spray on clothes, because how to do? We are going to tell you some tricks, if the spray paint is stained with clothes, you can paint the both sides of the clothes just stained with spray paint with cooling oil, wipe with cotton ball along the fabric warp and weft lines after a few minutes, since the paint stains on too many clothes can be effectively eliminated. If you have more time, you can also use this method to remove the paint, which will wrinkle on its own, and then wash the clothes again. The above is the specific introduction of self-spraying. Hope to use for reference in the use of self-spraying.


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