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November 13,2021

In recent years, environmental protection and energy saving have increasingly become a hot topic in home decoration. Building materials with energy saving and environmental protection functions have gradually become the new favorites in the building materials market. Refrigerator powder coating is one of them. What types of Refrigerator powder coating are there? 


Two Main Types of the Refrigerator Powder Coating


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  • Thermosetting refrigerator powder coating


Thermosetting refrigerator powder coating refers to the use of thermosetting resin as the film-forming substance, and the curing agent for cross-linking reaction can be heated to form an insoluble and infusible hard coating. No matter how high the temperature is, the coating will not soften like a thermoplastic coating, but can only decompose.


Since the resin used in the thermosetting refrigerator powder coating is a prepolymer with a low degree of polymerization and a low molecular weight, the coating has good leveling properties and good decorative properties.


Moreover, the low-molecular-weight prepolymer can form network-shaped cross-linked macromolecules after curing, so the coating has better anti-corrosion and mechanical properties. Therefore, the development of thermosetting powder coatings is particularly rapid.


  • Thermoplastic refrigerator powder coating


Thermoplastic refrigerator powder coating began to appear in 1950. It melted at the spraying temperature and solidified into a film when cooled. Due to the simple processing and spraying methods, the powder coating only needs to be heated, melted, leveled, cooled or extracted and solidified to form a film, and does not require complex curing devices.


The commonly used thermoplastic efrigerator powder coating still shows some unique properties. The thermoplastic efrigerator powder coating has the advantages of beautiful appearance and high artistic quality. These characteristics make thermoplastic powder coatings occupy a large proportion of the coatings market.


The Application of the Refrigerator Powder Coating


  • Heat sensitive material refrigerator powder coating


At present, refrigerator powder coating has been successfully applied to the coating of heat-sensitive materials, and has truly realized industrialized production. As a new and promising paint variety, refrigerator powder coating will further squeeze the liquid coating market. The perfection of refrigerator powder coating and low-temperature curing powder coating manufacturing technology makes it possible to apply powder coatings to heat-sensitive materials.


  • Industrial coatings such as marine powder coatings


At present, a considerable proportion of ship pipelines have been sprayed with refrigerator powder coating. With the continuous improvement of powder coating technology, its development prospects are very broad. .


  • Automotive powder coatings


Refrigerator powder coating for automobiles includes epoxy hybrid type, polyester type, polyurethane type and type, etc. Powder coatings have been applied to automobiles since the end of 1990, and sprayed powder coatings on some auto parts were successfully sprayed.


With the improvement of technology and the improvement of powder coating performance, it can now fully meet the requirements of cars, such as appearance decoration, weather resistance, chemical resistance, scratch resistance, UV resistance, etc.


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