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November 13,2021

Now guardrails will be installed in all major venues. The main function of guardrails is to protect personal safety. For example, guardrails will be set on the road, in the school playground and in the courtyard. It can be said that guardrails are really important for most places!


The material of guardrail is divided into many kinds, among which the more popular guardrail is iron guardrail. Iron guardrail is very superior both in appearance and quality, and it will carry out electrostatic powder coating process in the processing process. What are the benefits of this process? Now follow this blog to learn about it!






✅Good surface quality, the coating will be further atomized after static charge is applied, and smaller coating particles will bring good surface quality.


✅Increase productivity, and more workpiece surfaces are sprayed with electrostatic powder of iron guardrail per stroke, so as to increase the efficiency of guardrail electrostatic powder coating production line.


✅Save paint, the environmental protection effect brought by electrostatic effect and the uniform electrostatic powder coating interface of iron guardrail make more electrostatic powder of coating guardrail sprayed on the workpiece surface. As a result, it not only has good surface quality, but also saves 20-30% of coating.


✅Reduce the maintenance of the coating room, more paint iron guardrail electrostatic powder is sprayed on the workpiece, and less paint is applied to the coating tools, ground, wall and filter screen, which reduces the maintenance cost of the coating room and creates a clean working environment for the operator.


✅Environmental protection and high transfer efficiency reduce coating consumption, reduce VOC volatilization endangering the atmospheric ozone layer, and well protect our environment.


Difference between powder coating guardrail and painting guardrail


Powder coating requires early surface treatment of steel, such as degreasing, surface conditioning, hot galvanizing, cleaning, phosphating and drying, which mainly plays the role of rust removal and impurity removal. It not only eliminates the inducement that the steel is easy to rust, but also produces zinc transition layer and phosphating film on the steel surface, so that the steel is not easy to corrosion and rust, and has stronger powder adhesion. Then, high-performance electrostatic coating machine is used to complete coating, and electrostatic shielding is used to achieve the effect of powder adhesion. The surface color of electrostatic coating is gorgeous, bright and clean, can realize special layer and feel, is not easy to fall off, and has excellent weather resistance. The assembly line production of guardrail industry is realized, the product quality is improved and the investment of labor cost is reduced.


Painting is a relatively traditional manual coating process. Although the steel also needs preliminary treatment, the traditional intermediate coating and finishing line adopts manual air coating technology, which is suitable for multi variety and small batch production. Although the flexibility of the painting process to the requirements of the place of origin is much better than that of powder coating, the effect is rough, the weather resistance of the coating is short, and the excess paint can not be recycled after flowing down, polluting the environment.


Therefore, when we choose coating, we often give priority to powder coating.


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