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November 13,2021

Outdoor powder coating can also be considered as pure polyester powder coating, which can be widely used in outdoor products.


Outdoor powder coating


Outdoor (pure polyester) powder coating

Pure polyester powder coatings are applied to components such as steel, aluminum alloy, and aluminum profiles that can be electrostatically sprayed. Outdoor powder coatings are used outdoors without losing gloss or discoloration. Powder coatings are solvent-free and environmentally friendly coatings. Product types include: wrinkle, gloss, matte, pattern, metal type and various color powder coatings (plastic powder). Pure polyester powder coating products are composed of polyester resin, curing agent, weather-resistant pigments, additives, etc.


Pure polyester powder coating carton packaging is not a risk product such as flammable and explosive, and logistics fees are charged according to ordinary bulk and container cargo. A single shipment of more than 500 kg can be delivered quickly to most areas with free shipping.


Product composition 

The thermosetting pure polyester powder coating is composed of high-quality special polyester, curing agent, filler and imported pigments.


Product performance

It has toughness, durability, high gloss, good weather resistance, excellent outdoor durability, excellent adhesion, impact resistance, scratch resistance, high hardness, and good flexibility.


High gloss retention and color retention, with excellent weather resistance.


The addition of special conductive additives and laser laser particle size analysis control system enables the powder particles to balance the chargeability and sufficient kinetic energy, easily reach the grooves and dead corners, and prevent the phenomenon of difficult powder feeding (Faraday cage effect).


Developed two specifications of powder suitable for electrostatic spray gun and friction gun spraying, giving you a free choice.


Good leveling, no sagging, large spraying area, proportional mixing of recycled powder through sieving does not affect the production, quality, and performance, and the application rate is high.


It can transfer wood grain, pattern and other patterns to meet decorative requirements.


It is green and environmentally friendly, does not contain heavy metals, and complies with international general standards.


Application category

1. Used for outdoor aluminum profiles, surface coating of high-speed guardrails, and outdoor equipment that requires better weather resistance.

2. Used for outdoor equipment: outdoor display boards, billboards and other signs.

3. Bicycle frames and accessories, strollers, electric vehicles, electric tricycles, motorcycle frames, etc.

4. Used for outdoor fitness equipment, outdoor traffic signs, etc.

5. Used in auto parts.


Application of powder special coating

Soil bikes, sports cars, custom choppers, sports bikes, four two-wheelers, racing cars and classic cars are finished with quality customized powder coating supplies, but in customized OEM Outdoor powder coating, we provide colors to meet your imagination.


Benefits of powder coating

With the increasing stringency of environmental regulations on the content of organic volatiles in the atmosphere, the coating industry seeks various methods to improve coating technology to reduce environmental pollution. After long-term trials and tests, it is finally found that "powder coating" is the most ideal coating process that can be achieved at present. The powder coating does not use volatile solvents such as organic solvents and water. Therefore, the coating is an inorganic solvent-based coating, which greatly reduces the safety hazards caused by organic solvents caused by organic solvents or fires caused by organic solvents.


Such powder coatings with many benefits can be obtained from many an outdoor powder coating manufacturer, exporter, and factory. But remember that you don't buy blindly.