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November 13,2021

In recent years, powder coating has developed rapidly and has been widely used in many fields. There are many types of powder coating, today this article will mainly introduce low temperature powder coating.


The Introduction of the Low Temperature Powder Coating


customized OEM Low temperature powder coating manufacturer,exporter,factory


Although powder coating has the advantages of economical, environmental, efficient and excellent performance, some of its weaknesses are also obvious. If the curing conditions are harsh, the curing temperature is generally between 180 and 200°C. If the curing temperature can be lowered, energy consumption can be reduced, which is the need for environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction.


High curing temperature, in addition to high energy consumption, the coating of some substrates that cannot withstand high temperatures, such as plastics, wood, etc., is restricted, which greatly affects the expansion of powder coating applications. From the perspective of further improving efficiency, low temperature powder coating greatly shortens the curing time and improves production efficiency while maintaining the same temperature. Therefore, achieving low-temperature curing of powder coatings has become one of the development directions of the powder coating industry.


The Advantages of the  Low Temperature Powder Coating


  • Reduce environmental pollution


 With environmental protection laws and regulations on the content of organic volatiles in the atmosphere becoming more and more stringent, the coating industry seeks various ways to improve coating technology to reduce environmental pollution. After long-term experiments and testing, it was finally found that "powder coating" is the most ideal coating technology that can be achieved at present.


Low temperature powder coating does not use organic solvents, water and other volatile solvents, so powder coatings are inorganic solvent-based coatings, which greatly reduces the safety hazards caused by solvents, such as organic solvent poisoning by operators due to organic solvents. Since the introduction of powder coatings in the 1950s and 1960s, there has not been a major safety accident caused by powder coatings.


Low temperature powder coating is a 100% solid powder coating, which can be sprayed fully automatically. Excessive or oversprayed powder coatings can be recycled and reused through the recycling system device. Therefore, powder coatings can reach almost 100% utilization rate, which enables the coating industry to reduce waste disposal and reduce environmental pollution to lowest.


  • Energy saving


Looking at the energy cost of low temperature powder coating and liquid coating. Liquid coatings contain organic volatiles, causing volatiles to evaporate into the atmosphere; while powder coatings will not have such waste, which greatly reduces the use of energy.


The electrostatic coating machine has a large discharge volume and a thick film can be obtained by one spray. There is no need to repeat spraying and no primer. In the case of the same film thickness, the coating operation using low temperature powder coating is faster and can save time cost.


No static time is required in the painting equipment, which can save equipment space. In addition, the baking time of low temperature powder coating is also less than that of liquid coating, so it can greatly reduce fuel energy, shorten the coating line, increase productivity, and promote overall production efficiency.


In summary, compared with other powder coatings, low temperature powder coatingg has many advantages. We are the customized OEM Low temperature powder coating manufacturer, exporter, factory. Any interests, welcome to contact us.