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November 13,2021

Powder coating is a solid powdery synthetic resin coating composed of solid resin and pigments, fillers and additives. Unlike ordinary solvent-based coatings and water-based coatings, its dispersion medium is not solvent and water, but air. It has the characteristics of no solvent pollution, 100% film formation and low energy consumption. Antique copper spray powder coating is widely used in recent years in many industry.


Antique copper spray powder coating


Classification of powder coating


Powder coatings are divided into two categories: thermoplastic and thermosetting.


🔹Thermoplastic powder coatings have poor film appearance (gloss and leveling), and poor adhesion to metals, so they are rarely used in the automotive coating field. Automotive coatings generally use thermosetting powder coatings.


🔹Thermosetting powder coatings use thermosetting synthetic resin as the film-forming material. The resin is first melted during the drying process, and then chemically cross-linked and cured into a flat and hard coating film. The appearance and various mechanical properties and corrosion resistance of the paint film formed by this kind of coating can meet the requirements of automotive finishing.


Classification of antique copper spray powder coating


🔹Powder coating for insulation


The requirement is mainly for insulation, followed by decoration. But it must have excellent heat resistance, physical and mechanical properties and flexibility.


It is suitable for coating electronic components, electrical accessories and motor rotors.


🔹Powder coatings for heavy anti-corrosion


The main requirement is anti-corrosion performance, but it must have excellent anti-corrosion, impact strength and flexibility. It mainly suitable for petrochemical pipelines, storage tanks, metal structures and ship fittings, etc.


🔹Powder coatings for decoration


The coating film must have a good appearance state, the coating film does not turn yellow during curing and baking, the physical properties are good, and some varieties have good weather resistance. It is suitable for household appliances, meters, cooking utensils, lamps, display racks and auto parts.


🔹Powder coatings for construction


Both decoration and weather resistance are required, and good physical and mechanical properties are required. It is suitable for building doors and windows, door locks, metal structures and pipe fittings, engineering equipment and other outdoor facilities.


🔹Antistatic powder


The performance is similar to that of insulating powder coatings, and it is used in anti-static places such as computer rooms.


Advantages of antique copper spray powder coating


🔹Health and environmental protection


Eliminates all kinds of liquid chemical additives that are added to achieve coating performance, such as harmful film-forming, dispersing, wetting, leveling, anti-corrosion and anti-mildew additives.


🔹Convenient transportation and storage


Ordinary paint contains about 20-50% of water or solvent, while in powder paint, there is neither water nor solvent. It is completely solid and is convenient and safe to transport. In addition, when the temperature of transportation and storage is lower than 0℃, it often freezes out, but, powder coatings do not have this problem.


🔹No preservatives required


In traditional liquid coatings, both water and bacteria are easy to contaminate. Therefore, in order to prevent deterioration, preservatives must be added, and latex powder coatings have no bacterial contamination problems and do not need preservatives.


Application of powder coating


Products that use powder coatings as coating films can be seen everywhere in our daily lives, such as: fitness equipment, heating equipment, brackets (supermarket shelves, solar brackets), protective facilities (security doors, safes), garden machinery, medical equipment, Hardware tools, etc.


High-precision fields include: aerospace industry, weapons industry, train carriages and their parts.


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