Superb Adhesion of Powder Color Coated Board

June 09,2022

Powder coating refers to a solid powder synthetic resin coating consisting of solid resin and pigments, fillers and additives. However, many people are skeptical about it.


Powder Color Coated Board


Is the adhesion of powder color coated plate good?


When it comes to the new powder color coated steel sheet, many people will ask questions, "How about the adhesion of powder coating?" "Is the electrostatic adsorption firm?" "Is powder color coating better than solvent-based color coating?" This article is to introduce you to Meitou Steel powder color coated steel sheets.


Contrary to the inherent perception, powder type electrostatic spraying color plate instead of stronger adhesion, 180 ° bending (0T) coating does not crack, do not fall off, can effectively prevent corrosion media from coating bending crack erosion, its high adhesion is more conducive to the processing of powder color coated plate molding.


Powder coating belongs to the thermosetting coating, the molecular weight of the resin component is large, the physical and mechanical properties of the coating film and chemical media resistance are better than the solvent or water-based coatings powder coating formed by the hardness of the film, not only to reduce the processing and installation of the scratch situation, more resistant to strong acids, strong alkalis, strong penetration of environmental corrosion brought about by the formation of long-lasting protection of steel plates.