Matters Needing Attention In Powder Coating Spraying

August 08,2022

First of all, the main components of the powder coating are acrylic powder and polyester powder. After these two materials are mixed, they are charged by an electrostatic generator and adsorbed on the iron plate. After baking at a certain temperature, they are melted. Generally, the post-effect of this kind is flat or matte.


Are thermoset powder coatings toxic?

Thermosetting powder coatings are environmentally friendly materials and non-toxic.
When spraying construction, as long as it is used in strict accordance with the operating rules, its safety performance is good.


Notes on spraying thermosetting powder coatings


thermosetting powder coating


Wear a mask during construction


This kind of powder coating is very dangerous, and if it is used for work, it will also have certain hazards. If it is inhaled for a long time, it will form pneumoconiosis, especially the metabolism of our brain cells. It is best to wear a mask and keep the room ventilated.


Many are conductive devices


Many pigments in this powder coating are high molecular organic compounds, and these substances are some conductive substances. Except for benzene, xylene, solvent gasoline, etc., many of these substances are polar substances with low resistivity, so It has a certain electrical conductivity.


There is electricity in the air


When this kind of paint is generally used and is equipped with some machines, first connect the paint particles to the negative electrode, and the workpiece to the positive electrode and ground. Under the action of electricity and the voltage is high enough, the area near the end of the spray gun forms an air ionization zone, the air is violently ionized and heated, and a dark red halo is formed.