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November 13,2021

More and more drawing materials are old on the market since it is a good way to return your items. But there are still many people who don't know mirror chrome paint. So today we will introduce something about mirror chrome paint.


Mirror chrome paint


What's mirror chrome paint?


Chrome-plated paint is designed to imitate the appearance of chrome-plated paint. No matter what type of object you want to paint, chrome paint can give it a bright, shiny look, which is so popular with true chrome. However, in order to use chrome paint-especially chrome spray paint, which is one of the simplest forms-you need to do proper preparation work to make your finished product really shine.


How to paint your car with mirror chrome paint?


Step 1

Buy proper primer. If you are painting a car, you will need a car paint primer. If you want to paint the railing, you need a primer specially used to treat that metal. Ask a paint shop professional for help in choosing the right primer for you.


Step 2

Clean the whole surface and you will paint it. The best paint work is smooth and smooth. Clean up the dust and dirt on the surface before you start. Gently press with a damp, warm rag and do circular motion to wipe the surface. Once the surface is completely clean and dry, move on to the next step.


Step 3

Surface. This will give you a smooth, even painted surface. Spray primer with a spray or paint sprayer. However, you can use a brush. The primer should be even and smooth, not too thick. If you don't get a necessary covering layer, add another layer.


Step 4

Apply black primer. This will actually make your terminal reflectivity brighter. Buy spray cans or use brushes or paint sprayers. Normally, this should only have one layer, but if you use a brush, you might use two to get enough coverage. Make sure the primer is completely dry (it may take 24 hours) before continuing to work.


Painting on chrome alloy. If you are using chrome spray paint, hold the jar and spray it about 10 inches from the surface, and keep moving to keep the spray uniform. If you use a paint gun, then use 20 psi and the "dust removal" setting, using a lot of paint and a small amount of air. Just continue over the area you are painting until the chrome looks bright, you want it and the cover is enough. If you are using a paintbrush, you may need to apply two or more thin or even coated layers to get the look you want. There are several hours between the two layers, so that the paint can dry.


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