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Custom powder coating system OEM, manufacturer, exporter, factory


Custom powder coating system OEM, manufacturer, exporter, factory

Powder coating systems provide many advantages for many manufacturers. It is worth noting that the powder spraying system mentioned here refers to an automatic powder spraying system. We talk about sharing the benefits of owning it with you.


Reduce misuse

Many hands-on powder coating compartments have the function of spraying onto the waste body. The excess powder is definitely not recyclable, and it will also cause unnecessary profligacy. The automatic particle layer pipeline together with the particle improvement device can almost eliminate the waste from the finishing process.



Compared with the equipment that is manually operated in advance, automated powder bed production lines may cost you more, but over time they may save cash. Companies can easily use computerized units to reduce the number of professionals required to maintain the level of particle coating results. Companies that save a lot of money on recycled particles, increase uptime, and reduce quality assurance issues often bring these benefits to customers in the form of faster turnaround times, enhanced features, and increased value.


Powder coating is actually a good way to maintain a certain harmony between items and also to deal with the health hazards associated with conventional painting methods. Modern companies should consider their results requirements, budget plans, and ask to find out whether automatic particle finishing pipelines can provide a better return on investment than small manual mechanisms.



Regardless of the technology used, the particle layer can provide a more uniform end result than paint. In some cases, automated agencies may provide more consistent results because each group adopts the same posture and receives exactly the same treatment at every stage of the procedure. Hands-on texture finishing tasks may cause missed operations or skip coating areas.



The automated particle finishing series uses a conveyor to transfer parts from one stage of the automated equipment to another. Companies can choose to automate all or part of the powder coating process to achieve better management and quality assurance. Some organizations need to personally regulate part of the process to meet consumer requirements. The automated equipment system can easily meet conventional manufacturing requirements and shorten the turnaround time for special requirements.


A typical spray display can simply reposition the smallest number of parts through this procedure. Hands-free operation keeps the investigation away from the process, thereby increasing efficiency.


If you are also attracted by the benefits of using it, now is a good time to invest in them. We know that 2021 is coming to an end, which means that a lot of goods will be piled up and shipped on similar days. You may be anxious at that time. The use of automatic powder coating system lines can improve the production cycle to a certain extent. For more information and features of powder coating systems, please contact our powder coating experts at the bottom of this page.



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Custom powder coating system OEM, manufacturer, exporter, factory




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product information
Epoxy and polyester powder coatings
RAL and PANTONE or customized
Surface treatment
Smooth/sandy/wrinkle/metal/chrome/wood/hammer/shine and customized
High gloss/semi-gloss/matt
5-6 square meters per kilogram at 40-90μm film thickness
Film thickness
1.2 ~ 1.9 / CBM
Aluminum construction, billboards, outdoor lamps,
highway guardrail, road fence, outdoor metal furniture, lamp post,
air conditioning housing, agricultural equipment or for
other needs in
high environment has in metalwork good performance surface coatings . -Intensity UV.

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Foshan Wolong Chemical Factory Co., Ltd. is a large-scale professional powder coatingmanufacturerin China
. The company covers an area of ​​more than 20,000 square meters.

We have 10 large-scale plastic powder production lines imported from China
At home and abroad. The annual output can reach 5,000 tons.
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our service
We produce epoxy polyester powder coating, polyester TGIC powder coating, polyester
TGIC-FREE powder coating, polyurethane powder coating, used on metal surface

Surface treatment: smooth high gloss, smooth semi-matte, smooth matte, wrinkle, embossing,
Hammer pattern, sand pattern, art, etc.

Just tell us your specifications and we can provide you with products with the best OEM service.
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net weight
20 kg
total weight
21 kg
Inner packing: polyethylene bag Outer packing: carton
delivery time
3-15 days after deposit
To pay
30% advance deposit, 70% balance before shipment

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1-Question: Are you a trading company?
A: No, we have our own factory. Brand "Wintoly"
2-Question: Is powder coating safe for consumers such as children?

Answer: Yes. Powder coatings are used in children's toys and furniture sold every day. It has a difference

Become one of the most environmentally and consumer-friendly products on the market today.

3-Question: What colors can I use?
Answer: We usually provide a very wide range of colors, including the standard Colorbond series.
Can access more than 300 paint colors and textures. Please feel free to call us to ask if we have your inventory
The desired color.
If you have already thought of a color, please introduce it so that we can match it as much as possible
Without sacrificing quality.
4-Question: What type of powder coating should I choose? 
Answer: Powder coatings are divided into three basic types, each of which has different properties
Attributes. Epoxy resin provides the best corrosion protection. Hybrid(s) usually provide the best chemicals
And solvent resistance. Polyester fiber has the highest external stability and performance.
5 Question: What can be powder coated?
Answer: It is usually any metal object, as long as it can maintain the static charge required for fixation.
The spray powder can withstand the high heat of the curing process. Mild steel,
Galvanized and galvanized steel, aluminum, stainless steel and most other steel alloys
Can be powder coating.
6-Q: Are the prices of all colors the same? 
Answer: No. Due to their availability and composition, certain colors are more expensive. like
Texture powder, sand, metal powder, or powder that glows in the dark.
7-Question: Where can I find pricing information? 
A; Our pricing structure depends on quantity, technology and color selection.
Please contact us for specific product prices.


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