Factory Wholesale Wood grain effect finish powder spray coating for furniture paint

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Product Detail
Epoxy and Polyester Powder Coating
RAL and PANTONE or customized
Surface Finish
smooth/sandy/wrinkle/metallic/chrome/wood/hammer /glitter and customized
Glossy Level
High glossy/semi glossy/matt
5~6 square meters per kg at 40~90μm film thickness
Film Thickness
Specific Gravity
1.2~1.9 per CBM
Construction aluminium profile, advertisement board, outdoor lamps,
highway guardrail, road fence, outdoor metal furnitures, lamp pile,
crust of air conditioner, agricultural equipment or can be used on the surface
coatingof other metal work that require good performance in the environment
of high-intensity ultraviolet ray.

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Foshan Wolong Chemical Factory Co., Ltd. is a large professional powder coating company in China


Manufacturing enterprises. The company covers an area of more than 20,000 square meters.


We have 10 large plastic powder production lines introduced from China


At home and abroad. The annual output can reach 5000 tons.

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our service

We produce epoxy polyester powder coating, polyester TGIC powder coating, polyester

TGIC-FREE powder coating, polyurethane powder coating, used on metal surface


Surface treatment: smooth high gloss, smooth semi-matte, smooth matte, wrinkle, embossing,

Hammer pattern, sand pattern, art, etc.

Just tell us your specifications and we can provide you with products with the best OEM service.

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Net Weight
Gross Weight
Inner packing:polyethylene bag Outer packing:paper carton
Delivery time
3-15 days after deposit
30% deposit in advance,70% balance before shipment


1-Question: Are you a trading company?
A: No, we have our own factory. Brand "Wintoly"


2-Question: Is powder coating safe for consumers such as children?

Answer: Yes. Powder coatings are used in children's toys and furniture sold every day. It has a difference

Become one of the most environmentally and consumer-friendly products on the market today.


3-Question: What colors can I use?

Answer: We usually provide a very wide range of colors, including the standard Colorbond series.

Can access more than 300 paint colors and textures. Please feel free to call us to ask if we have your inventory

The desired color.

If you have already thought of a color, please introduce it so that we can match it as much as possible

Without sacrificing quality.


4-Question: What type of powder coating should I choose? 

Answer: Powder coatings are divided into three basic types, each of which has different properties

Attributes. Epoxy resin provides the best corrosion protection. Hybrid(s) usually provide the best chemicals

And solvent resistance. Polyester fiber has the highest external stability and performance.


5 Question: What can be powder coated?

Answer: It is usually any metal object, as long as it can maintain the static charge required for fixation.

The spray powder can withstand the high heat of the curing process. Mild steel,

Galvanized and galvanized steel, aluminum, stainless steel and most other steel alloys

Can be powder coating.


6-Q: Are the prices of all colors the same? 

Answer: No. Due to their availability and composition, certain colors are more expensive. like

Texture powder, sand, metal powder, or powder that glows in the dark.


7-Question: Where can I find pricing information? 

A; Our pricing structure depends on quantity, technology and color selection.

Please contact us for specific product prices.


Custom wood grain paint OEM, manufacturer, exporter, factory


Surrounded by more and more reinforced concrete buildings, more and more people began to yearn for nature, so they began to buy solid wood furniture for their homes. However, as the development of wood resources becomes more and more difficult, the emergence of wood-grain paint has completely solved this problem between man and nature.


Definition of wood grain paint


Wood grain paint is water-based artistic paint, not paint.


Water-based wood-grain paint belongs to the company's environmentally friendly water-soluble paint art paint. It adopts China's advanced water-based acrylic synthesis technology system. When the dry film is completely different, it can achieve 2H physical environment indicators. Oil-based paint. Texture paint, poor paint film hardness.


Water-based wood-grain paint has a more prominent wood-grain effect, with a clear and recognizable surface texture and a soft touch. The oil-based paint has a very bright luster and a smooth surface. The oasis waterproof wood paint has no peculiar smell and has a long shelf life. It can be kept outdoors for more than 10 years.


It is harmless to the human body, does not pollute the environment, the paint film is crystal clear, flexible, water-resistant, abrasion-resistant, aging-resistant, yellowing-resistant, quick-drying, easy to use, and oil-based paint has the disadvantage of being perishable. It turns white, easy to turn yellow, and cannot be developed for a long time to maintain the learning effect.



Benefits of wood grain paint


Wood grain paint is a water-based artistic paint with excellent performance, non-toxic, odorless, non-polluting, strong paint film adhesion, flame retardant, scrubbing resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and colorless. Presenting a variety of wood grain artistic patterns, the patterns are random, delicate, without seams, peeling, or cracking. The background and skin color can be freely matched, and the patterns can be created at will.


The wood grain effect of artistic paint is suitable for interior and exterior walls, pillars, beams, and furniture surfaces to show natural enjoyment such as pastoral style, pastoral style, and Southeast Asian style, enhance the decoration grade, and show customer cultural literacy and connotation.


Now that people’s quality of life has improved, so will their requirements for those around them. For example, villas are no strangers to people in today’s society, but they are just envy for most people. In order for the villa to be reflected, many families are using wood-grain paint when decorating.


Wood grain paint film has good self-drying, good adhesion and flexibility, high mechanical strength, and excellent anti-corrosion performance; wood grain paint is safe and convenient to use, uses water as solvent, wood grain paint construction training, contains anti-rust pigments, therefore, The primer is not flammable, has no pollution to the environment, and is harmless to the health of the construction personnel, which improves the construction environment and avoids fire hazards.


Wood grain paint can be applied to any flat base surface, which can create a simple and natural high artistic effect like tree grain. Water-based wood grain paint is faster and more convenient in construction than real oil transfer wood grain, and the artistic effect is more prominent .


As a new type of building decoration material, wood grain coating has been widely used in construction engineering. As long as fine design, strict control, and construction methods, the ideal wood grain decoration effect can also be achieved, and cost saving and construction period benefits can be achieved while pursuing appreciation and taste.




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