Ultra salt spray resistance electrostatic epoxy texture powder coating paint

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Product Detail
Epoxy and Polyester Powder Coating
RAL and PANTONE or customized
Surface Finish
smooth/sandy/wrinkle/metallic/chrome/wood/hammer /glitter and customized
Glossy Level
High glossy/semi glossy/matt
5~6 square meters per kg at 40~90μm film thickness
Film Thickness
Specific Gravity
1.2~1.9 per CBM
Construction aluminium profile, advertisement board, outdoor lamps,
highway guardrail, road fence, outdoor metal furnitures, lamp pile,
crust of air conditioner, agricultural equipment or can be used on the surface
coatingof other metal work that require good performance in the environment
of high-intensity ultraviolet ray.

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Foshan Wolong Chemical Plant Co., Ltd. is a large-scale specialized powder coatings
manufacturer in China. Our company covers more than 20,000 square meters of area .

We are in possession of 10 large-scale plastic powder production lines introduced from
home and abroad. with annual output up to 5000 tons.
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Our Services
We manufacture epoxy polyester powder coating, polyester TGIC powder coating, polyester
TGIC -FREE powder coating, polyurethane powder coating ,which are used to metal surface

Surface finish: smooth high gloss, smooth semi matt, smooth matt, wrinkle, emboss,
hammertone, sand vein, artistic and so on.

Just tell us your specification,we can provide you with products with best OEM service.
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Net Weight
Gross Weight
Inner packing:polyethylene bag Outer packing:paper carton
Delivery time
3-15 days after deposit
30% deposit in advance,70% balance before shipment


1-Question: Are you Trade Company?
A:NO , We have our own factory . Brand “ Wintoly”
2-Question:Is Powder Coating safe for consumers such as children?

A:Yes. Powder coating is used on children's toys and furniture sold every day. It has the distinction

of being one of the most environmentally and consumer friendly products on the market today.

3-Question: What colours are available to me?
A:We usually carry a very large range of colours, including the standard Colorbond range.
Has access to over 300 paint colors and textures. Feel free to call us and ask if we stock your
required colour.
If you already have a color in mind, bring it in so that we can match it as closely as we can
without sacrificing quality.
4-Question:What type of powder coating should I choose? 
A:Powder coatings are available in three basic types, each offering different performance
attributes. Epoxy for the best corrosion protection. Hybrid(s) typically offer the best chemical
and solvent resistance. Polyester for the highest exterior stability and performance.
5-Question: What Can Be Powder Coated?
A: Typically any metal object that can hold the electrostatic charge needed to affix the
sprayed powder and can tolerate the high heat levels of the curing process. Mild steel,
galvanized and electroplated steel, aluminum, stainless steel and most other steel alloys
can be powder coated.
6-Question: Are all the colors the same price? 
A:No. Some colors are more expensive due to their availability, ingredients. such as
textured powders, sand, metallics, or glow in the dark powders.
7-Question: Where can I find pricing information? 
A;Our pricing structure is dependant on volume, technology and color choice .
Please contact us for specific product pricing.




Advantages of Using Powder Coating


Powder coating is sought after and widely used in a lot of industries due to its benefits over traditional liquid coating. Let’s look at the benefits of powder coating specifically.


High efficiency

The coating operator need to spray powder as much or as little as possible, but do not have to spray next layer until the last layer get dry. Thus, the process of spray can be finished all at once and these powders will still cure evenly. Beyond that, the powder is also very little waste in the process, because electromagnetic charge used to keep the powder to the part. Therefore, the powder coating process can significantly save time and and raw material cost.



In terms of surface treatment itself, powder coating is more durable than other coatings. During solidification, the powder melts and forms a long chemical chain because it gels together. Therefore, the surface treatment is more flexible than traditional paint and allows a small amount of bending and bending because your parts vibrate and move. The powder coating is also scratching resistant, peeling resistant and corrosion resistant.



Although there are some common colors and finishes in powder coatings, one of the best assets of this approach is the ability to fully customize colors and finishes. The manufacturer will create a blend powder suitable for any color, with the option of adding textures, such as wrinkles or flashes, and a lot of polishing from high gloss to matte. Few other coating options can compete with this range and versatility.


Environmental safety

Since the powder used in powder coatings does not contain solvents and other chemicals, it is generally considered safe to use and handle. This process does not release known harmful chemicals into the atmosphere and produces less waste throughout the spraying process. However, painters know not to inhale powder and wear protective equipment to prevent skin contact.


Overall quality

The application and curing process of powder coatings create a high-quality surface treatment different from any other coatings on the market. As the powder melts and flows together, it creates a uniform surface throughout the unit. In addition, it is not affected by uneven, flowing or dripping, which is common in wet paint. Therefore, even if something goes wrong, there is no need to polish or polish.



Finally, powder coatings are very easy to maintain for a long time. No special detergent or solvent is required to keep it clean. Instead, it can be wiped with ordinary soapy water and then washed off. Because the coating is so scratch and corrosion resistant, you don't have to worry about rust or other damage during cleaning. For most applications, wiping your parts a few times a year is enough to keep them healthy for years.


It is easy to see how powder coatings are superior to traditional coating options in many areas. In the right place, it can reduce the completion time, improve your polishing quality, and open up a wider range of polishing options. It also allows you to store and handle materials in a more economical and environmentally friendly manner. Your customers will like durable, weather resistant and easy to maintain paint.



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