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November 13,2021

There are many kinds of industrial paints, and wrinkle paint is also one of them. Do you use wrinkle paint at ordinary times? Do you know something about it? Some people may wonder, is it the same as the wrinkles on people's faces, one by one? What is wrinkle paint? Today, let's introduce the wrinkle paint.


wrinkle paint


What is wrinkle paint?


Wrinkle paint belongs to oily paint. Its main components are refined from amino resin, pigment and alkyd resin. It can form regular plump wrinkles, tough and durable, and the patterns are very beautiful. Due to the different types and quantities of pigments, the size of wrinkled patterns is also different. It is suitable for spraying the surfaces of various medical devices, instruments and metals.


How to spray wrinkle paint?


Before spraying, the bottom layer of the sprayed material shall be treated to a certain extent. First spray a layer of primer. After the primer is completely dry, bake it in the oven. It takes only half an hour at 80 ℃ and 1 hour at 60 ℃. Pay attention to uniform spraying. If the spraying is thick, the wrinkles will be large; If the spray is thin, the wrinkles will be small. Therefore, attention should be paid when spraying. It should not be too thick or too thin. If it is too thick, it will flow and fall; Too thin will make it difficult to wrinkle. If some defects are found in the sprayed object, it is necessary to use a moderate oil painting pen dipped in the original wrinkle paint with equal viscosity to repair it, and then put it into the oven for baking again to increase the hardness of the paint film and dry the inner layer thoroughly.


How to use wrinkle paint to paint a sense of massiness?


  • Before applying wrinkle paint, the object shall be subject to routine surface treatment. Then apply a layer of iron red alkyd primer and let it dry naturally; It can also be placed in the oven and baked at 60 ℃ for 1hor 80 ℃ for 30min.


  • After baking and drying the iron red alkyd primer, polish it with 300-400 water-resistant sandpaper until it is smooth and flat, and remove the dust with a dust removal cloth. Generally, the base course coated with wrinkle paint is not puttying. If it is necessary to puttying locally, it is best to apply puttying twice. Each time, it must be baked and dried, then polished, and then two layers of shellac varnish or alkyd primer shall be applied at the puttying place. Otherwise, the wrinkled paint will penetrate into the putty layer, resulting in uneven wrinkles.


  • After the shellac varnish or alkyd primer is baked and dried, a layer of wrinkle paint with appropriate viscosity can be sprayed evenly. One layer of wrinkle paint shall be sprayed horizontally and one layer of wrinkle paint shall be sprayed vertically. The object shall be put into the oven after 100min.


  • Take out the object after baking in an 80 ℃ oven for 30min, and check the wrinkles after cooling. If the wrinkles are found to be defective locally, an appropriate oil painting pen can be selected, dipped in the wrinkle paint with the same viscosity as the original paint, and repainted according to the spraying thickness.


  • Put the object into the oven again to dry the inner layer thoroughly to increase the hardness of the paint film. The baking temperature is dark paint 110℃± 5 ℃, light paint 900 ℃± 5 ℃, and the holding time is 1.5-2h.


Precautions for wrinkle paint construction


  • Do not immediately send the sprayed objects to the oven, because the temperature in the oven is high, and the viscosity of the wet paint will become smaller at high temperature, which will cause sagging of the paint film or unclear patterns.


  • All metal objects with a thickness greater than 25mm shall be preheated to 80-90 ℃ in the oven before spraying wrinkle paint, and then sprayed with wrinkle paint while hot to avoid uneven wrinkles.


  • Wrinkle paint can only be sprayed, not by hand, because the brush marks painted by hand will affect the beauty of wrinkles.


  • Wrinkle paint beyond the storage period can be tested with metal sample, and can be put into use only after passing the inspection.


  • Wrinkle paint cannot be mixed with other coatings and kerosene, otherwise the paint film will not dry or wrinkle.


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