How to Use the Spray Gun Machine Correctly

May 13,2022

How to use the paint spray gun?


Spray Gun Machine


Stir the paint first, some paints need to be diluted to use, we have to follow the product instructions in proportion to dilute well. Paint stirring evenly after pouring into the gun's paint cup;


Adjust the air pressure of the gun, the amount of paint, etc. When spraying paint, the gun should move in parallel, moving at an even speed, so as not to paint the wall coating too thick or too thin.


When spraying paint, adjust the pressure of the spray gun, the air pressure of the gun should be around 0.3 to 0.4MPA.


If the pressure of the gun is too small, the wall paint film is easy to appear pockmark; if the pressure of the gun is too large, the wall paint is easy to hang. Before spraying paint, you can spray on the test sample to check whether the pressure, spraying distance, etc. is appropriate.


The spray gun is controlled by the trigger. The deeper the trigger is pulled, the greater the liquid flow rate. Electrostatic spraying equipment in the traditional process of gun walking, the trigger is always dead, rather than half-button. In order to avoid the accumulation of paint sprayed at the end of each gun walk, experienced painters have to slightly relax the trigger to reduce the amount of paint supply.


If the gun has a little skew, the result will certainly cause the spray width with a bias to one side of the flow, while the other side is dry and thin, lack of paint, most likely to cause streaks of coating.