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November 13,2021

Scratching is always inevitable when driving everyday. The most "hurt" thing in this matter is the car paint. Painting is a very technical job. If scraping happens unfortunately, car owners should pay attention to this link. Today let's take a look at the different spray power coating such as blue high glossy spray power coating.


blue high glossy spray power coating


  1. What is "original paint"?


Strictly speaking, it should be "painting used in painting workshop". Most people don't know that body painting itself is a very complicated process. In the process of body painting, different coatings are used at different stages, and different coatings form different paint layers.


On the body steel plate, it can be divided into four paint layers: electrophoretic layer, middle coating, color paint layer and varnish layer. These four paint layers together constitute the car paint layer we can see with naked eyes, which is often called the original paint. However, the car paint repaired by 4S stores (or non-4S stores) after rubbing is only equivalent to part of epoxy layer + atomic ash layer + middle coating + color paint layer + varnish layer.


  1. Is the "original paint" mentioned by 4S shop credible?


There is no "original paint" in the strict sense after spraying paint. As we have explained before, the so-called original paint can only be used at a baking temperature of 190 ℃, so those that cannot be baked according to the baking temperature during production cannot be called original paint. The best original paint claimed by 4S shop is also the original special repair paint produced by paint manufacturers.


  1. Why is the car paint repaired later not as good as the car paint when leaving the factory?


Electrophoresis, electrophoresis, electrophoresis, say important things three times!


  1. What are the key points when painting?


When spraying the background color, the background color should be thin and smooth, and the third is to control the gray spots on the background color to the minimum.


Spray varnish. After the background color is dry, it must be sprayed symmetrically for the first time. The paint can be slightly thinner, and the air pressure needs to be higher. The sector should also be larger. It is not necessary to spray too thick. As far as possible, the phenomenon of throwing guns should not occur, so as to show luster. The middle equal dry is sprayed for the second time according to the actual temperature. The second varnish, the second pass is basically the same as the first pass, but the moving speed of the spray gun should be obviously slowed down, and the paint can be slightly drier than the first pass.


  1. What are the differences between dry grinding and water grinding?


The problems found in water milling are more delicate and properly handled, and the spraying effect is OK, but it may cause rust on the vehicle substrate in the later stage. If dry milling saves time and effort, the substrate is not easy to rust after a long time. It is recommended to dry milling. Only by strictly following the technological process and using dry milling can long-term quality assurance be achieved.


6. spray silver powder paint, how to do to achieve the finest particles?


The thickness of silver powder directly affects whether the paint itself is coarse silver or fine silver. If you use fine silver, Even if the paint is opened proportionally, it is sprayed very finely. To spray coarse silver finely, it must be opened very thinly. However, it is best to use fine sandpaper to grind it before spraying it thinly. The diluent also depends on the temperature. In the current weather, it is best to use slow-drying diluent. The diluent that is too fast-drying is very rough, and the spray gun used is also very particular. If the atomization effect is not good, it will directly affect the effect.


  1. How to spray white pearls perfectly?


First of all, the bottom layer must be handled well. It is easy to bite when spraying the bottom white. Then, after spraying the bottom white, spray the pearls. Remember that the dilute consistency of the pearls must be adjusted well. Don't thicken them. Adjust the pearls and start spraying. Generally, pearls float twice, and each time you spray them, uncover the newspaper and compare the colors to see if they are close. The best color is slightly shallower than the original car, and you can spray varnish.


  1. There is no problem when spraying varnish for the first time. When spraying varnish for the second time, it is full of water ideas. Before spraying varnish, there are always similar problems. What should I do?


It is necessary to see clearly whether it is a small nest made by water ideas! It is possible that the curing agent of varnish has expired and cannot be melted. There is also the need to stir more varnish! It's on every varnish bucket. It takes fifteen minutes to spray it!


There is another possibility, that is, the process problem. Generally, when painting, you should get some water to get wet on the paint floor. Sometimes, when spraying quickly, there is too much water on the ground, and it may appear on the paint surface of the car when evaporating.


  1. How to make the car painting interface not obvious?


After the foundation is processed, do not use 2000 sandpaper to polish it first. Throw the whole panel with a polishing machine, throw away the rust and stains on the paint film, and then use degreasing agent to remove oil as a whole and clean up the wax. Then use two thousand sandpaper to polish, and the polishing area should be about 10 cm large according to the spraying range of the background paint. Spray the background color, the background color should be slightly thinner than normal, and the range should be as small as possible when spraying the background color.


Varnish spraying, varnish deployment can be normally deployed, the air pressure should not be too high, varnish spraying on the background color should not be sprayed too far, it is best to leave about 8 cm of 2000 sandpaper traces, and it is best to form it again. Why don't spray too far because it needs a connection, and then put interface water in varnish, which should be added 1: 1 with varnish.


Then spray varnish with good interface water within the remaining 8 cm, Turn down the air pressure and spray it a little bit. Don't spray it, don't spray it over the 8 cm range, and then use 100% interface water for the final connection. Why use 100% interface water, because there is extra paint mist outside, spray it on the surrounding paint mist with interface water twice. After drying, you will find that the aerosol will volatilize with the interface water.


When polishing, you only need to simply polish the place where the varnish is sprayed, and polish the gray spot, and the place where the interface water can be ignored and polished directly as a whole. As long as you can master what I say. The interface is absolutely not obvious after polishing, even if you don't tell the professional that it is a patch paint, he can't see it!


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